School Advisory Council

The purpose of the School Advisory Council is to strive to fulfill the faith formation mission of the parish school. The School Advisory Council consults (1983 Code of Canon Law) with the school’s administrators in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the educational and formation ministries of the school. Together, they are the policy-making function of the school (such as dress code, dances, discipline, curriculum, etc).

Members of the Sacred Heart School Advisory Council are:

Kevin Bloom, Chair
Karen Cisek, Secretary (Holy Family)
Kristen Votava (St. Michael’s)
Dawn Scott-Larson (St. Mary’s)
Kari Miller
Becky Brundin
Kelly Berntsen
Katie Edvall
Josh Kaiser

A Catholic School Advisory Council is not like the public school board. Personnel issues are not part of the Catholic School Advisory Council’s purpose. Personnel issues are handled through the principals and pastor. The pastor, Msgr. Mike Foltz, serves as superintendent and canonical administrator of Sacred Heart School.

Membership of the Council consists of twelve members (nine from Sacred Heart Parish and three from out-of-parish such as St. Mary’s, St. Michael’s, Holy Family parishes, or some other non-Sacred Heart parishioner).

The School Advisory Council is set up with committee assignments with certain members responsible for certain functions. Those assignments are Agenda, Budget, SPiRiT/Community Relations, Policy and School Strategic Plan.