Sacred Heart School Reopening Hub

COVID Information/Points of Contact
If you are feeling ill, have a fever or any other symptoms remember to stay home.

Please self-report any COVID related incidents of isolation, quarantine, or testing to the school so we can work together to slow the spread of the virus.

  • Preschool or Childcare call Mrs. Mandi Legg at (218) 793-0021 or email
  • Gr. K – Gr. 6 call Miss Joanne Wilson: school hours: (218) 773-1579, after hours: (218) 339-2205 or email
  • Gr. 7-12 call Mr. Blake Karas: school hours: (218) 773-0230, after hours: (218) 339-2203 or email

Updated Document Reference:

Sacred Heart School Quarantine Guidelines (4.30.21)

DAILY Screening Checklist questions & attendance guide

Minnesota Department of Health Attendance guide

Minnesota Department of Health Decision Tree (8.31.2020)

Sacred Heart Full Reopening Plan (updated 8/3/2020)

Abridged (Quick Glance) Reopening Guide (updated 8/20/2020)

Minnesota Catholic School Return to School Guidance

Parent/Guardian Covid-19 Communication – Historical Record

Polk County Health Press Releases

Additional return to school information and links will be sent home via weekly school news emails and/or as needed.