Mission & Philosophy


Founded upon our Benedictine heritage of prayer and work,

Sacred Heart Catholic School promotes faith in Jesus Christ,

educates youth and ministers to all.



We, a Christian family founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

believe that each child is a unique creation,

entrusted to us by their family, the primary educator.

This child has great potential to grow for the glory of God

and His church on earth.

We surround each student with the strength of the Catholic Church’s

Faith and Tradition, and the transforming power of prayer.

Our task is to nurture and challenge all learners to achieve,

in body, heart, mind and soul,

a firm, loving faith in Jesus Christ and His Church.

As a community, our culture is one of trust and respect,

enlivened by the Gospel virtues of faith, hope and charity.

Sacred Heart fulfills the comprehensive goals of education

by fostering wonder in students to be critical thinkers,

effective communicators,

self-directed learners,

and citizens who are responsive to the needs of society.