We are the Eagles.

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz released Emergency Executive Order 20-99 which initiates restrictions on all organized youth and high school sports. The Executive Order takes effect beginning at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 20, 2020. The restrictions remain in force through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 18, 2020. Read the MSHSL Update for full details.

The dream of competing for your school is made real every day at Sacred Heart where student-athletes of every skill level share the thrill of competition donned in our traditional purple and gold. Here, nobody gets cut from a sport or activity. A student might not play every game, but nonetheless remains part of the team. Our alumni roster includes athletes who have gone on to college on sports scholarships. With a busy athletic program, Sacred Heart provides students the opportunity to learn through individual and team competition. We are the Eagles. Watch us soar!

For current athletic schedules visit the Region8MN website here. Families can also use the “subscribe” option on that site to receive text and email notifications of schedule changes.

21 Extra Curricular Athletics Opportunities

Girls Sports: Volleyball (Fall),Cross Country (Fall), Swimming & Diving (Fall), Basketball (Winter), Gymnastics (Winter), Archery Club (Winter), Softball (Spring), Track & Field (Spring), Soccer (Spring), Tennis (Spring), Trap Shooting (Spring)

Boys Sports: Football (Fall), Cross Country (Fall), Soccer (Fall), Basketball (Winter), Swimming & Diving (Winter), Wrestling (Winter), Archery Club (Winter), Baseball (Spring), Track & Field (Spring), Trap Shooting (Spring)

For questions on Athletics contact Blake Karas at bkaras@sacredheartegf.net

Athletic Club: Established in 1975, the Sacred Heart Athletic Club was founded to support the athletic programs at Sacred Heart School. The Athletic Club is now the single funding source for all athletic programs from K-12. The Athletic Club pays for coaches salaries, equipment used by our athletes, busing, and fuel. The Athletic budget continues to grow yearly. The Athletic Club encourages you to join our membership in support of our athletic programs. Your dues allow for continual support of Sacred Heart athletics as well as the privilege to vote on all business of the club. Board Members: President: Lance Knudson, Vice President: Wayne Pietruszewski, Treasurer: Brad Werner, Secretary: Karen Cisek. For questions on the Athletic Club and meeting times contact Blake Karas at bkaras@sacredheartegf.net

Athletic Volunteer Policy

** Parents, Guardians, or Family Members (16 or above) of athletes participating in extracurricular activities must work a total of 5 athletic events per year, per family using the Sign-Up Links sent through email or posted on the Athletic Website. Sign-Up to Volunteer HERE

Ride home with parents after Athletic events

Volleyball Fundamentals Summer Camp