7-12th Grade

At the high school level Sacred Heart functions as a college prep school with core classes focusing on science and math. Many classes use college textbooks. Some juniors and seniors, in fact, often earn college credit. High school students are required to take two years of Spanish or Latin, and those in grades 11 and 12 study calculus at the neighboring community and technical college. In the spring, every student in grades 7-12 takes part in a week long interim where they may take a course not normally offered in our curriculum, such as sewing or robotics. Other students engage by job shadowing local professionals, where they witness careers ranging from pharmacy to electronics to computer-assisted drafting.

Course Offerings

Business & Technology
Full Science Offerings
Physical Education/Health
Language Arts
Social Sciences
Career Development
Psychology & Sociology
PSEO/Dual College Credit (8 courses at SHS. Additional at NCTC).
Visual Arts (8th-12th)
Music Courses (Concert Band, Choir,
General Music & Music Theory)
Christian Service Learning elective
Theology Courses (7th-12th)
Journalism & Yearbook Courses
Beyond the Classroom
Daily Prayer, Weekly Liturgy, & Faith Families

Course offerings vary each academic year based on interests of the students.

Personalized Education Profile

Facilitated by the Dean of Academics, a collaborative team will work with all 6-12th grade parents and students to develop an educational profile that will foster potential and empower a lifelong learner. A PEP Profile: Identifies the learning preferences, interests, skills, needs, and goals of the student. Ensures a rich and purposeful educational experience. Helps prepare students for post-secondary education and/or various career paths.

Faith & Spiritual Development

At Sacred Heart, we teach Catholic doctrine, history, and tradition. God, Jesus and faith are not relegated to just one class, but are woven into everything we do. Students attend weekly Mass, have the opportunity for Praise & Worship, and daily prayer. We welcome families of ALL faiths and backgrounds at Sacred Heart! 26% of our current student population are not Catholic.

Clubs & Organizations

Student Council
National Honor Society
Fall and Spring Drama
Select Concert Choir
Archery Club
Robotics Club
Science Club
Chess Club (7)

Athletics (more information available at www.sacredheartegf.net/athletics)

Girls Sports
Volleyball (Fall)
Cross Country (Fall)
Swimming & Diving (Fall)
Basketball (Winter)
Gymnastics (Winter)
Archery Club (Winter)
Softball (Spring)
Track & Field (Spring)
Soccer (Spring)
Tennis (Spring)
Trap Shooting (Spring)

Boys Sports
Football (Fall)
Cross Country (Fall)
Soccer (Fall)
Tennis (Fall)
Basketball (Winter)
Swimming & Diving (Winter)
Wrestling (Winter)
Archery Club (Winter)
Baseball (Spring)
Track & Field (Spring)
Trap Shooting (Spring)