Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministry

“The celebration of Mass… is the center of the whole of Christian life for the Church both universal and local, as well as for each of the faithful individually.” (GIRM 16)

“…full, conscious, and active participation that is required by the very nature of the Liturgy and to which the faithful…have a right and duty.” (GIRM 386)

The Liturgy is the source and summit of our Christian life. One of the ways that the faithful are called to participate in this great action is by fulfilling a ministry at Mass and allowing the Holy Spirit to use you so that all might receive more abundant spiritual fruit from our God. All Parishioners are encouraged to join a ministry. Training is provided to all. If you have questions or would like to serve, please contact Daniel Ewens at or 218-773-0877 in the Parish Office.

SacristanThe Sacristan arrives 30 minutes before Mass to prepare the Sanctuary. Duties include turning on the lights and sound system, setting out ritual items in their proper place, and making sure the liturgy flows smoothly. This role is behind the scenes. Training is provided.

Ministry CaptainThe Ministry Captain arrives 30 minutes before Mass and oversees checking in all scheduled liturgical ministers, finding substitutes to fill vacancies, communicating important information to relevant ministers, and coordinating with the priest to ensure Mass flows smoothly. Ideally this person is somewhat familiar with those who participate in other ministries. Training is provided.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy CommunionThe Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful. Training is provided.

Lector/Commentator Lectors proclaim the Holy Scriptures at Mass, and the commentator leads the Prayers of the Faithful. Training is provided.

Ministers of HospitalityHospitality Ministers are Ushers, and Greeters. They greet all guests and parishioners as they enter our doors, take up the collection, distribute bulletins and other items after Mass, assist people with any needs, and help to foster a welcoming and caring environment. Training is provided.

Gift BearersGift bearers carry the gifts and collection up to the altar during Mass. This can be done on a scheduled or volunteer basis. Open to all, but especially families with children. Training is provided.

Youth Altar ServersYoung people in the Parish between grades 4-12 assist the priest in various ways. Training is provided.

Adult Altar ServersAdults of the Parish assist the priest at Daily Mass, funerals, and other special feasts as they are able. Training is provided.

CantorThe Cantor leads the faithful in song and supports them to find their collective voice.

Adult ChoirThe Adult Choir supports the faithful in song and helps raise their hearts and minds to God in prayer through the beauty of Music. Rehearsal is at 7 PM in the Church on Wednesday evenings, and the choir sings twice a month. The singing schedule runs September through early May.

Contemporary Song GroupThe Contemporary Song group supports the faithful in song and helps raise their hearts and minds to God in prayer through the beauty of Music. Rehearsals are set by the group, and the group sings twice a month.

InstrumentalistsSkilled Organists and Pianists support the singing of the whole assembly and all musicians, as well as help all present to raise their hearts and minds to God in prayer through the beauty of Music. Other skilled musicians who play brass, woodwinds, or string instruments assist in the same way, especially on special feasts such as Christmas and Easter.

Technology MinistryThis is for people who are interested in running Slideshows/projections/ videos and recording during weekend Masses that require them, or for wakes, and school Liturgies. Basic computer skills needed, and training is provided. Serves on an as needed Basis.

Adoration – Each Tuesday from 7:45 am to 9:00 pm you are invited to come spend an hour in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. If you would like to sign up for a regular hour, please contact Daniel Ewens in the parish office at 773-0877 or If you are unable to attend your designated time, please find a substitute or call the Parish Office. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to stop in at any time to worship our Lord as you are able.

Funeral MinistrySign up to serve in any of the above Ministries at funeral Masses.