Building & Grounds UpKeep

Sheppard’s Care: During the months of May—Oct the grass at the fields and around the school need to be cut weekly or as needed.  Tractor and training provided. Must be 18 years old.

Men’s Work Crew: Through the year, projects come up that need many hands to complete the work.  By working together we can make a difference at Sacred Heart.

Washing Windows: for the school and parish as needed.

Lunch Clean Up:  Help to clean the floor and tables after the meals.  Sign up for any day M-F.  Training provided.

Game Clean Up:  After a game to help sweep the gym and pick up.

Classroom vacuuming: Weekly helping to keep the classrooms clean.  After school hours.

Church Environment Specialist: Learn how to decorate the church.  Training provided.


Get Involved and Volunteer at Sacred Heart