Parish Life

From assisting at weekend Masses to participating in formation events to serving the needs of the area community, Sacred Heart has a vibrant parish life where there is a ministry or involvement opportunity for every parishioner. As the calendar demonstrates, there is something happening every day at Sacred Heart.

Committees and Groups
In addition to volunteer opportunities, parishioners share in parish leadership through a variety of committees and parish groups. Each of these committees and groups are dedicated to living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but do so in a way that supports the God-given gifts that each member has.

Prayer Line
The prayer line exists to pray for the needs of the parish, parishioners, and the surrounding area. All prayer intentions are welcomed and will be prayed for by the prayer line. For more information, click here.

Liturgical Ministries
A central action of Sacred Heart is participating in the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church. Each of these ministries assist the parish so that all can have a vibrant, yet prayerful experience at the various liturgies, especially at weekend Masses.

Volunteer Opportunities
Following the command of Jesus to serve others, Sacred Heart encourages all parishioners to volunteer. To that end, a number of opportunities, both within the parish and in the surrounding community, are available so that each parishioner may use his or her talents to glorify God.