Personalized Education Profile (PEP)

A Personalized Education Profile (PEP) incorporates the interests, skills, needs, and goals of the student to ensure a rich and purposeful educational experience while preparing students for post-secondary education and/or various career paths. Facilitated by the Dean of Academics, a collaborative team will work with all parents and students to develop a Personalized Education Profile that will foster potential and empower a lifelong learner.

A PEP profile at Sacred Heart follows a student through elementary into high school. The profile also tracks career interest, ensuring that a student chooses courses that would help them to follow their dream path in life. In addition items that would be necessary for a student’s application into college, such as volunteering, student involvement, and leadership are also recorded.

Our Dean of Academics then meets with staff and teachers to help them meet the needs and learning styles of the student.

What is it? The Personalized Education Profile…

  • profiles interests, skills, needs (strengths and challenges), and goals of each student
  • identifies a student’s learning style
  • tracks growth and development
  • documents academic records: grades, credit accumulation, attendance, grade point average, and stadardized test scores (NWEA 2-11, Aspire, ACT, etc…)
  • documents special services/needs (IEP, 504, medical alerts: medical conditions, medications, food allergies, etc.)
  • outlines accommodations, learning strategies, and support programs and resources
  • highlights involvement: school and extra-curricular activities, work experiences

What does it do? The Personalized Education Profile will…

  • foster potential
  • empower student goal setting and achievement
  • motivate and engage students in the learning process
  • strengthen accountability
  • promote self-advocacy
  • enhance decision-making skills
  • build necessary skills and abilities
  • assist teachers in tailoring the education experience to maximize learning
  • guide education and career planning
  • optimize education and personal success
  • benefit students, parents, teachers, and the community