Elementary K-6th

Elem Art class 2Because a young mind is like a sponge, we introduce our students to a myriad of learning experiences.

Sacred Heart’s dedicated teachers are trained in differentiated learning, meaning same-age students at different levels are taught in different ways. Students may not all get the same homework and additional staff beef up instruction for challenged students as well as advanced learners.

Fine Arts

  • Music Class (Daily, K-6)
  • Music Programs (2x/year)
  • Band elective (5th-6th)
  • Visual Arts (1-6, 1x/week for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks off)


  • Spanish (Weekly, K-6)

Technology class (K-6, weekly)
STAR Program (6)
Physical Education (K-6, Daily)
Library visits (K-6, weekly)
Guidance Lessons (1-6, 1x/week for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks off)
Religion Curriculum & Daily Prayer
School Liturgy & Praise & Worship (parents welcomed to join us!)

Extra Curricular Athletics

Sports and other clubs are subject to change each year based on availability.

  • Basketball (1-6)
  • Volleyball (3-6)
  • Wrestling (1-6)
  • Football (5-6)
  • Archery Club (4-12)
  • VEX Robotics Club (6-12)
  • Chess Club (2-6)