Why Choose SHS for your child?

  • Students explore their faith through classes and activities in Scripture, Sacraments, Church, and morality.science
  • Sacred Heart stresses the value of self-discipline and commitment.
  • Faculty and staff are role models who share their faith, their talents, and their time.
  • While not all students who come to Sacred Heart are Catholic, all share experiences of faith and values.
  • Sacred Heart encourages each student to accept the challenges of being a Christian in tomorrow’s world.
  • Catholic School students score significantly above the national average on standardized testing.
  • 96% of our graduates continue on to higher education.
  • Sacred Heart grads received $205,000+ in first year college athletic or academic scholarships and $597,000+ received four year scholarships.
  • Each student will receive a personalized education plan (PEP) which incorporates the interests, skills, needs, and goals of the student to ensure a rich and purposeful educational experience.