Students Recognized as part of 100+ Hours of Service Challenge


Beginning in the fall of 2016, in conjunction with the school’s philosophy to foster students to become “citizens who are responsive to the needs of society,” Sacred Heart School set the expectation that each student in grade nine through twelve, will accumulate 100 hours of Christian Service prior to graduation. The expectation is that each student, starting in grade nine, will accumulate their service hours with a goal to perform 25 hours of service at school or in the community each year. Our hope is that each student will set as his/her goal a total of 100 hours prior to graduation. Students will not be required to achieve the hours to graduate, however, the students who accomplish the 100 hours will receive recognition in the graduation program and the honor to wear a white honor cord with their graduation apparel. The following student have met the 25 hours per year goal set for the grade they are currently enrolled.

Following each student’s name is an account of the amount of service hours they have completed.

25 Hours of Service Goal by End of Freshman Year
Paige Brandner (50)
Isabella Knudson (47)
Sydney Lloyd (121)
Dustin Ringuette (49)
Adam Sobolik (37.5)
Dana Walski (29)
Jack Zavoral (33)
Gabriella Zimprich (106)

50 Hours of Service Goal by End of Sophomore Year
Macyn Bloom (61)
Katie Brindamour (172)
Ivy Edwards (86)
Benjamin Goetz (84)
Caden Knutsvig (53)
Mallory Howe (112)
Madalin Mitzel (75)
Aaron Steckman (63)
Kaitlyn Werner (178)

75 Hours of Service Goal by End of Junior Year
Abby Brouillard (84)
Jiejun Chen (86)
Zyan Greer (104)
Jessica Remer (89.75)
William Rohrich (100)
James Votava (113)
John White (83)
Lily Zimprich (160.73)

75 Hours of Service Goal by End of Senior Year (White Service Cords at Graduation)
Abby Anderson (83)
Jaxon Bergum (80.5)
Chelsea Greer (200)
Hannah Hollcraft (78.5)
Lauryn Larson (82)
Jordan Tomkinson (78)
Kloe Wavra (241.75)
Jade Zimprich (101)



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