Spiritual Life

At Sacred Heart we teach the Catholic doctrine, history, and tradition. In fact, the foundation of everything we do is built on universal principles that benefit students and all of society.

Sacred Heart educators know that personal success and spiritual growth can only come with a deep understanding of self. With just the right mix of textbook learning and self-esteem, our students are able to leave school better equipped to make good life choices. Our dedicated instructors teach students the fundamentals of discipline and self-awareness – the basic morals and values necessary to become adults who understand how their individual actions can make the world a better place.

Elementary students have a religion curriculum as part of their daily learning. In the high school, students take theology courses which further help their understanding of their faith. Both elementary and high school participate in daily prayer, school liturgy, and Praise & Worship.

Does my child have to be Catholic to attend Sacred Heart? No! At Sacred Heart we welcome families of all faiths and backgrounds! 14% of our student population is not Catholic. We do teach Catholic doctrine, history and tradition. At Sacred Heart, God, Jesus and faith are not relegated to just one class but are woven into everything we do.

Practice what we preach: The school encourages students to complete service during their time at the school. Students who complete 100+ hours of service are recognized with a special cord at graduation.

A small chapel is located on the high school’s second floor. Here, students can find a quiet moment to reflect and they can add their own requests to the prayer box.