Science “Tricks and Treats” Night for K-6 and Science Club (7-12)

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Science “Tricks and Treats” Night

Students (K-6) are invited to participate in Science Night, an evening to exhibit the results of their own scientific investigations.
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
5:00pm: Set up in social hall
5:30-6:00pm: Poster presentations
6:00-7:00pm: Science demonstrations/activities
Q: Is this a science fair?
A: It’s set up like a science fair, but there is no judging.
Q: What topics can I investigate?
A: Music, sports, electricity, environment, chemistry, cooking, computers, behavior, biology…any of these can be a starting point for a science fair project!
Q: What is the format?
A: You can do an experiment, investigate something that interests you, or display a special collection.
Q: Can parents help?
A: YES! This is an out-of-school activity. We hope parents will be involved in helping their students. It can be fun for the whole family.
Q: Where can I find ideas?
A: Internet, books (SH library, public library), science club members*.
Two excellent internet resources are:
*The High School Science Club will be available every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30 in Room 214 (Second Floor Miss Bauer’s Room) to help students with ideas, experiments, project write-up, and poster making*
Questions: Sarina Bauer 218.773.0230 ex. 214

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