Science Club takes 4th in Olympiad


IMG_6698 Congrats to the Science Club who took 4th place at the Science Olympiad in Moorhead. They competed against 14 teams in 14 different science events. Each event was comprised of two team members. Some events were labs that students had to complete, some had tests they had to take, and some required the students to build things before they arrived at the event and had to compete against other teams. Categories included Anatomy & Physiology, Write It, Do it, Remote Sensing, Experimental Design, Chemistry Lab, Ecology, Optics, Wind Power, Astronomy, Invasive Species, Towers, and Robot Arms.

IMG_6710This weekend the science club students are competing in the regional science fair. This is an individual event, so each member conducted their own experiment and will be presenting them to judges. The event is also open for public viewing. It is in Crookston at UMC on Saturday from 9:30-12pm.

For the Science Olympiad, the Club is still waiting to hear about officially going to State. Having already competed and tied, they are now waiting for another region’s competition to see if there will be any more ties before they will know if they will go to State.


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