President’s Message, Summer 2018

ADOLPHSON, CarlThe National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) is a leading Catholic organization with a purpose to promote Catholic Schools nationwide. This organization holds a national conference every year where some of the brightest minds and strongest supporters of Catholic education gather to help reinvigorate attendees and celebrate our mission. Catholic school educators believe first and foremost in the importance of educating the whole child. We encourage children to live their faith, learn to serve others, and most importantly trust in Jesus, our Savior.

In my office I have a poster from the NCEA titled, “Why Choose Catholic Schools?,” which highlights the following reasons:

• We offer an education that combines Catholic faith and teachings with academic excellence.
• We partner with parents in the faith formation of their children.
• We instill in students the value of service to others.
• We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed.
• We provide a balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture and life.
• We use technology effectively and in a balanced way to enhance education.
• We teach children respect of self and others.
• We emphasize moral development and self-discipline.
• We prepare students to be productive citizens and future leaders with strong communication skills.
• We cultivate a faculty and staff of people who are dedicated, caring, and believe in our students and mission.
• We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.

The greater Grand Forks area residents are blessed to have such strong Catholic school options here in our city. The 11 reasons listed above from the NCEA are a great start, but if a friend, relative, neighbor, or colleague asked you “Why Catholic School?” what would you say? It’s my hope that you would not only mention some of the items listed above, but also add many others. Why Sacred Heart School? For most of us the short list above is only the beginning.

Have a great summer!

God Bless,

Carl Adolphson
Sacred Heart School President

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