Winter Weather and Storm Day Procedures

The winter season is upon us. The procedure for school delays or cancelations of Sacred Heart School is directly related to the East Grand Forks Public school because of the sharing of transportation. In the event a weather announcement is made concerning EGF public schools, due to our busing arrangement, parents are to assume that it includes Sacred Heart School as well.

Please note that this affects all our programs including: daycare, preschool, and the school(K-12). Little Saints and Little Angels parents are to remember that if buses are two hours late, there will be no morning classes for those students, and Sacred Heart Daycare will also be opening two hours late.

In order to make an informed decision the Superintendent of East Grand Forks Public School consults with the bus company, the local weather service, other local area school Superintendents including the President of Sacred Heart School to make an informed decision. By about 6:30 a.m., decisions on the school day must be made and announced to allow residents enough time to make alternative plans.

Sacred Heart leadership will contact, WDAZ, KVLY and the Grand Forks Herald to communicate the delay or closing of our school. There will also be a text, email and a phone call sent to all families using our Alert Solutions program.

If a storm hits during the day, while the students are in school, the preference would be to keep students at school where they are safe rather than put them on the road in a bus. Generally, a major storm would have to be forecasted before the students would be let out early.

Please contact Principal Jodi Vanderheiden at (218) 773-0230 if you have any questions.