Security Procedures for Entering the Building

External Door Schedule:

Door #4 (elementary door)
Open 7:30-8:20 AM
Open 3:00-4:10 PM (staff coverage/greeter during this time)

Door #3 (Daycare/Pre-school door)
Open 8:00-8:20, 11:00-11:20, 12:00-12:20, 3:00-5:30

Door #2 (Eagle Door)
Open 8:00- 8:20 AM, 11:40-11:52 (HS lunch), 1:00-1:15 (NCTC students), Open for practices/events as needed after 3:30 PM

Door #1 (Parish door by the Church)
Open all day 6:45 AM- 4:30 PM for access to Parish office only
Interior Doors: Doors entering the Social Hall by the Parish Office
Locked 8:20 AM- 3:30 PM

Letter regarding new Security Procedures

Parents wishing to enter the school between 8:20-3:30

  • Everyone entering the school will only be able to enter the school through the Elementary doors located at door #4 using the buzzer system. All parents/visitors need to check in at the office on arrival.
  • The Social Hall doors by the Parish office will no longer be an entrance to the school and will be locked from 8:20-3:30. Parish staff cannot open the doors for those wishing to enter the school.
  • Future plans include the addition of a buzzer system installed at the Eagle Door (door #2) but until then, Door #4 (elementary) will be the only place to enter the school during the school day.
  • Door #2 (Eagle door) will be open before school for HS students and parent drop off.

In order to make this a success, we will need cooperation from you as parents. On one hand, it might be less convenient to have the doors locked during the school day with the new buzzer system, but on the other hand, we feel the upside of having a more secure building is worth it. The elementary doors will still be open at the end of the day starting at 3:00 PM for parents to enter the school and wait to pick up their child(ren).
Thank you for partnering with us to educate your child(ren) and for cooperating to help us be proactive in regard to security for our students.