Food Service & Menus



2018-19 Prices

K-6 – $1.70
Grades 7-12 $2.50
Staff $2.50
Adult Guest $2.50
Extra milk $0.55

K-6 – $2.70
Grades 7-12 $2.85
Staff $3.60
Adult Guest $3.80

Extra milk: .55 cents
Second entrée: Varies, Maximum $2.00

All school families are encouraged to maintain a positive balance in their food service accounts at all times. Sacred Heart recognizes some families have difficulty with this due to size of family, notification, etc. Notification of meal balances is usually through a family’s email on a weekly basis. If a family does not have an email on record, the food service program will print a bill occasionally and mail it home. Balances can be requested in person at any time from the foodservice director, Rebecca Swiger.

Charging Policy: Generally, if a school family’s balance reaches $0, the school will alert the parent/guardian. If a family balance reaches $-50, the students family will receive a phone call and if not taken care of, the student will be asked to bring their own lunch until the account is balanced or a payment plan has been discussed. Applying for free/reduced meals is usually discussed at that time. Refusing to provide meals is at the discretion of the food service coordinator, however, no child with cash in hand will be denied a meal. All graduating high school seniors must have their school food service balance paid by graduation. No diploma will be issued unless payment has been received.

WordWare login

  • Families have to get a family key from the food service coordinator that is only good for 24-48 hours to set up their online account
  • The login allows them to see their account balance, but they are not able to make payments through the system.

Food Service Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Application for Educational Benefits/Free and Reduced Lunch

Wellness Policy (11.30.2016)

2016 Civil Rights Statement

Special Dietary Exemption Policy