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Menu May

School Lunch Prices for 2017-18

K-6 – $1.60
Grades 7-12 $2.20

K-6 – $2.60
Grades 7-12 $2.85

Extra milk: .55 cents
Second entrée: $1.80

Staff: $3.60

Adult Guests: Breakfast $2.50 & Lunch $3.80

Charging Policy: This school year, in addition to a weekly email to communicate your lunch account balance, you will also receive a phone call when your account reaches a balance of -$50. Your child will be served a bag lunch until the account is paid and maintains a positive balance. Please know that the bag lunch will contain the recommended daily servings. We do not wish to cause any harm to the children, but in order to stay fiscally responsible, we have to follow this procedure. No child with cash in hand will be denied a meal.

Meal Charging Policy (Updated 7.27.2017)

Food Service Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Application for Educational Benefits/Free and Reduced Lunch

Wellness Policy (11.30.2016)

2016 Civil Rights Statement

Special Dietary Exemption Policy