Mission as a Measurement of Success at Sacred Heart School


Various high school students in grades 7-12 gather as a “Faith Family.” Faith Families are comprised of students in a variety of grades, 7-12, who meet once a week to discuss a faith based topic as a small group.

How does the mission of Sacred Heart School drive success for the school and students?

Emphasis on Faith & Character
What makes Sacred Heart School a great choice for families is that the school’s mission goes well beyond academics. The Catholic school experience is meant to be transformative and make a difference in the life of every student.

Teachers at Sacred Heart understand that their mission here is not just a job, but a calling. Faculty and Staff emphasize a God-centered life and strive to serve as role models who share their faith, their talents, and their time. Students are continually encouraged to live the school’s philosophy to become “citizens who are responsive to the needs of society.”

This can be done through participation in classroom activities, sports and organizations, volunteerism, community involvement, opportunities for worship, and the encouragement of each child to foster and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer. The results of students being surrounded in a culture of respect, discipline, character and generosity have an enduring impact and point the way to personal success rooted in moral character.

Superior Academics with Results
In reality, academic excellence at Sacred Heart is largely a result of a faith-filled culture that respects each child and supports and encourages the use of their God-given talent. “Catholic education is about developing the individual into what God has created us to be,” said Joanne Wilson, Sacred Heart’s Dean of Academics.

Fr. Ilango, Sacred Heart’s parish pastor, speaks during Mr. Roger Pieper’s junior Ecclesiology class.

Fr. Ilango, Sacred Heart’s parish pastor, speaks during Mr. Roger Pieper’s junior Ecclesiology class.

Tracking and understanding individual student growth is especially important to Wilson, who sits down with parents and students starting in 6th grade to create a personalized profile of a student’s interests, skills, needs and goals. Personalized Education Plans, or PEPs, are then shared with teachers if parents desire and can assist teachers in tailoring the educational experience to help maximize learning.

“Academically it allows the student to identify who they are,” said Wilson, “and discover their interests.” Ultimately the goal of an education at Sacred Heart is to empower a lifelong learner while fostering potential. Wilson says that the school hopes to “challenge students to continually learn and not settle.”

She then meets every other year with student and parents to continue to track that student’s growth and development as they learn, grow and prepare for life beyond high school.

There are still general criteria and best practices for Sacred Heart School and its students to meet. Sacred Heart School is recognized by the Minnesota State Accreditation Association (MNSAA).

A Caring Community
Families choose Sacred Heart because it fits in as an extension of their families. Values that are taught at home can be witnessed and lived at school. A student at Sacred Heart is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd.

Sacred Heart School is unique in housing child care, preschool, and kindergarten through twelfth grade on one campus, making the school, in conjunction with the parish, feel much more like a family environment.

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