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High School Office, 218-773-0230
Daycare, 218-793-0021
Parish, Admissions, and Business Office, 218-773-0877
Religious Education Office, 218-773-0531

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  • Msgr. Mike Foltz, School Superintendent,
  • Mr. Carl Adolphson, School President,
  • Mr. Blake Karas, Interim 7-12th Principal, Activities Director,
  • Miss Joanne Wilson, Interim K-6th Principal, Dean of Academics K-12,
  • Mr. Dave Andrys, Social Studies & Business,
  • Miss Natasha Azure, Physical Education,
  • Miss Sarina Bauer, Science,
  • Mrs. Tracy Bergum, 6th Grade,
  • Mr. Tim Brooke, Theology & Social Studies,
  • Ms. Mollie Bye, Kindergarten,
  • Miss Erin Cariveau, Yearbook/Journalism,
  • Ms. Laurie Clauson, High School Resource,
  • Ms. Jo Beth Dempsey, Library & Media Center,
  • Mrs. Sarah Effhauser, Technology Coordinator,
  • Mr. Jace Erickson, Band & Choir, Drama, Music,
  • Mrs. Dawn Garritson, Math,
  • Mr. Ben Gergen, Math,
  • Mrs. Angela Goetz, Accounting Clerk,
  • Miss Molly Griep, Physical Education,
  • Mrs. Gayle Gulbranson, Elementary Music,
  • Mr. Jeremy Gusaas, Director of Campus Ministry 7-12th & Youth Ministry 9-12th,
  • Mr. Patrick Hart, Guidance & Counselling,
  • Mrs. Deb Heitman, Language Arts, Beyond the Classroom Coordinator,
  • Mrs. Carlye Hoefs, 3rd Grade,
  • Mrs. Tina Johnson, 4th Grade,
  • Miss Hailey Kappes, 2nd Grade,
  • Mrs. Kristin Kasprick, Kindergarten,
  • Mrs. Martha Keifenheim, High School Visual Art,
  • Mrs. Stephanie Knutsvig, Elementary Resource Teacher,
  • Mrs. Jen Koller, Marketing & Admissions,
  • Mrs. Mary Kulas, Elementary Visual Art,
  • Mr. Bill Kuznia, Maintenance Manager,
  • Miss Teri Lang, 2nd Grade,
  • Mrs. Mandi Legg, Child Care Center Director,
  • Mrs. Jennifer LeMire, 3rd Grade,
  • Mr. Pete Lund, English & Social Studies,
  • Mr. John Lunski, Facility Manager,
  • Mr. Mike Marek, Science,
  • Miss Amber Mattingley, Science,
  • Miss CarrieAnn Mortenson, Preschool Assistant Teacher,
  • Mrs. Gina Mykleseth, 4th grade & Art Aide, Lunch Room Supervisor,
  • Mr. Roger Pieper, Theology & Business,
  • Miss Samantha Reimer, 5th Grade,
  • Mrs. Judi Roberts, 1st Grade,
  • Ms. Courtney Scheving, Donations & Events Coordinator,
  • Fr. Matt Schmitz, Theology & Chaplain,
  • Mrs. Nicole Schroeder, 1st Grade,
  • Mrs. Carrie Shea, PK-6th Administrative Assistant,
  • Mrs. Kerry Stevens, Preschool,
  • Rebecca Swiger, Food Services Coordinator,
  • Mrs. Kathy Twite, Spanish II,
  • Mrs. Cherie Walker-Bethel, Social Studies,
  • Mrs. Kelly Wavra, 6th Grade,
  • Mrs. Dana Yanish, 7-12th Administrative Assistant,