Fine Art takes center stage at SHS

During the school’s annual Interim/Beyond the Classroom program Sacred Heart students explored additional experiential learning opportunities and career exploration. For ten of Lacey Basgier’s Mural Painting students the week allowed them to work on a large scale mural that represented the identity of Sacred Heart School.


High School Mural painting students work on their mural on the first day of Interim week. The final piece will hang in the school.

“Interim was, without a doubt, the most impressed I have been with a group of students,” said Lacey Basgier, Sacred Heart’s High School Art Instructor. The group learned about the entire process of taking a sketch and turning it into a large acrylic painting. Basgier was impressed with how the students exceeded expectations. “I spent every day blown away by what they were doing.” The students drove the entire project, says Basgier, agreeing and sketching out the design on day one and beginning the painting process by Tuesday. “It just all fell into place perfectly.”


The Mural Painting Interim course is just one of the additional components that fit nicely into Sacred Heart’s curriculum opportunities. The Visual Arts program at Sacred Heart School develops a young artist’s technical abilities through a variety of traditional and contemporary media. Under the guidance of high school instructor Lacey Basgier and elementary instructor Mary Kulas, Sacred Heart students are learning the technical foundation necessary to clarify their ideas as they cultivate their artistic abilities.

The high school curriculum offers a wide variety of possibilities during the year. Painting, drawing, art history, charcoal, and ceramics are just a few of the topics covered. “I try to do a variety of things so hopefully the kids that aren’t drawn to a particular medium can be drawn into something.”

Elementary students begin taking art classes in first grade with classes continuing until 6th. High school students have the opportunity to take classes in 8th grade, with additional courses offered as electives each year. There is also the option to double up on art electives and take an additional elective called VA Advanced. Basgier adds, “As it’s all self-directed, with VA Advanced we do encourage students to try a new medium or direction not yet tried.”

Mural group Photo

Basgier’s students and their mural. The students created the mural to represent the identity of the school.

The school’s large windowed high school art department features two kilns which are utilized each year when students complete ceramics projects. Elementary students create a new ceramic nativity figurine each year in art, creating baby Jesus, the animals, an angel, Mary and Joseph. In high school a ceramics assignment is completed in each course. Basgier, who has a background in ceramics, says “I really enjoy working through problems of how to work with the clay with the students.”

Three times a year the high school art department joins with the Concert Band, Concert Choir, and Select Choir for a Fine Arts Night. Following the concert the Visual Art Department’s art show opens on the second floor of the school. The exhibit features an assortment of student artwork. “I like displaying all the student’s work. It is rewarding for them and for me as a teacher to see it up as a collective unit.” The public is welcome to visit Sacred Heart on a Fine Arts night. The next one will be held on May 13th  beginning at 7:00 p.m.

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