Rake A Thon information for parents

If your family can write more sponsor letters or if you have not been notified of the rake-a-thon, we are still accepting rake-a-thon letters for mailing.  Since this project is budgeted for our schools at $28,000, we depend upon 100% support.  We are hoping that each family could seek 25 sponsors.  Blank letters were sent home with your fundraising packet on Fee Payment Day.  Contact Courtney at cscheving@sacredheartegf.net if you have questions or are in need of additional letters and envelopes

Thank you for your support for this project!


Service information

Rake A Thon 2017

Wednesday, OCTOBER 25th

 Wednesday, October 25th will be Sacred Heart’s Rake-a-thon for the school, preschool through 12.   This note is to provide you with information to make the day go smoothly.

The forecast is looking good for next Wednesday, but fall weather can be unpredictable.  Parents, please make sure their children dress in appropriate attire (hats, gloves, jackets, etc).  Please pray for a successful and warm day!

If the day is postponed, it will be decided that day.  If postponed, it will likely be rescheduled for Friday, October 27th

Younger children (pre-school through grade two) will be cleaning the school grounds, Trail Head, football fields, softball fields, Stauss Park, and/or Sherlock Park of litter and will not be raking.  Teachers of those classes may take their children any time the weather is acceptable for their own activities.  Students in grades Preschool through grade 2 should not bring rakes.

Grades 3 through 12 will rake assigned homes.  Students (grades 3-12) need to bring rakes to school.  Rakes should be marked with the family name somewhere on the handle.  Parents are asked, if you can, to please bring rakes to school and pick them up.  Sending rakes on buses is dangerous because of full passenger loads and it is difficult for drivers to keep order.  Some drivers may allow rakes on the buses, but some may refuse.  Please, no garden rakes.

Parents, who are able to help are asked to contact your child’s teacher directly, Mrs. Shea (773-1579), or Mrs. Yanish (773-0230).  You can also volunteer by writing your name on the form and return it to the high school or elementary school offices as soon as possible.   If you volunteer, you must complete and be cleared through the Diocesan Safe Environment program.  Elementary students are permitted to leave with their volunteering parents after they return to school and check-in with their homeroom teacher if it is late, but the school will have a regular dismissal.