Development Office



In the Development Office, we are continually looking into the future to ensure that our Catholic values and excellence in education will be made available for generations to come. Like many parish schools, the tuition we charge does not cover the actual cost of educating our students. Last year Development contributed to underwriting the costs for 389 students. It cost $5,443 to educate a student, averaging to $32 per day, tuition for K-6 in parish was $3675 and $4,950 for 7-12.

Therefore fundraising activities such as Calendars, Scrip and Spring Fling are necessary to make up for the difference.

Sacred Heart Catholic School promotes a variety of ways for individuals and businesses to support our school. These opportunities consist of:

If you have questions or you are interested in helping further a student’s Catholic education, please contact us at:

Karen Frisch, Development Director
218-773-0877 or

For Fundraising questions please contact

Courtney Scheving, Fundraising & Events Coordinator
218-773-0877 or

For more information on the Sacred Heart Foundation, which oversees:

  • Endowments
  • Scholarships

Please visit the Sacred Heart Foundation Website HERE or Contact Denny DeMers, or Mark Brickson at