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Sacred Heart School 7-12th 2019-2020 Second Quarter Honor Roll

Sacred Heart School 7-12th 2019-2020 Second Quarter Honor Roll


Updated 1/30/2020

Straight A Honor Roll

12th Grade
Sydney Anvinson
Macyn Bloom
Kathryn Brindamour
Ivy Edwards
John Fontaine
Benjamin Goetz
Mallory Howe
Caden Knutsvig
Maria Kroeber
Naomi Lee
Madalin Mitzel
Andrew Ogaard
Grace Roberts
Aaron Steckman
Michael Suda

11th Grade
Aubre Bergum
Paige Brandner
Jillian Huettner
Jacob Kraft

10th Grade
Isabelle Herberg
Gianna Hollcraft
Sophia LeMire
Isaac Telle

9th Grade
Alyssa Christopherson
Elizabeth Goetz
Avery Horken
Onalee Shogren
Daniel Suda
Tara Walski
Abigail Zwilling

8th Grade
Emma Anvinson
Greta Bethke
Kate Cantera
Jordon Coward
Madyson Hart
Randi Herndon
Nathan Holthaus
Avalon Knudson
Lilah Zavoral
Samara Zimprich

7th Grade
Elliot Arntson
Amrit Bhutani
Peter Dallum
Gregory Downs
Isabella Effhauser
Kiera Higgins
Anastasia Kaiser
Wyatt Lundstrom
Mackenzie Martin
Emily Novak
Gabriella Siemers
Rosemary Votava
William Zavoral

A Honor Roll

12th Grade
Lucy Bevelacqua
James Fontaine
Chenzhu Guan
Ezrabella Haas

11th Grade
Cloe Hanson
Isabella Knudson
Sydney Lloyd
Dana Walski
Gabriella Zimprich

10th Grade
Samuel Brindamour
Andrew Cantera
Levi Dallum
Sophie Evavold
Samuel Gapp
Grace Loeslie
Zachary Martin
Grace Miller
Guillermo Monfort
Caden Reimer
Landon Walker

9th Grade
Ella Adolphson
Cassidy Anderson
Breck Bloom
Betty Gao
Alexander Hart
Larissa Osowski
Elizabeth Siemers
Haley Vonasek
Charlotte Whiting
Audrey Zavoral

8th Grade
Samuel Bevelacqua
Zoe Cwikla
Carter Fagerholt
Aalliyah Griggs
Dawson Rohrich
Kaven Rohrich
Jonathon Speicher
Benjamin Wharam

7th Grade
Kamryn Buettner
Reese Chwialkowski
Olivia Deere
Parker Erickson
Avery Holthaus
David Larson
Markson Loeslie
Logan Soeby
Kathryn Sullivan
Emmi Trostad
Imani Vincent
Arista Welsh

B Honor Roll

12th Grade
Eric Mykleseth
Adam Shea

11th Grade
Ruari Devlin
Dustin Ringuette
Adam Sczepanski
Harmon Swiger
Beau Votava
Gage Wavra

10th Grade
Nicholas Brundin
Avery Harsell
Clay LaBine
Tucker Pederson
Cullen Rohrich
Benjamin Ross
Madison Steckman
Isaac Zavoral

9th Grade
Ethan Arntson
Kelly Baatz
Anthony Burkel
Shayleigh Hanson

8th Grade
Rylee Chwialkowski
Michael Gapp
Marlys Kvasager
Mason Nelp
Sarah Rodacker
Joseph Stagnaro
Oscar Stagnaro
Ella Werner

7th Grade
Isabelle Clough
Madelyn Dolan
Sawyer Horken
Aimee Ross
Jacob Satterlund
Abigail Stevenson

Guatemala 641

SHS students attend inaugural Padres Aplas Leadership Program

Guatemala 641

Recently 5 youth from Sacred Heart School along with other youth from the Crookston Diocese completed the inaugural Padres Aplas Leadership Program by traveling to Guatemala. The purpose of this program was to immerse these young Catholics into Catholic Social Teaching and inspire them to be the hands and feet of Christ.  In Guatemala, they worked with three ministries who are committed to the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being of some of Guatemala’s most vulnerable and most neglected citizens. It was an inspiring time to be with these people and get a chance to serve them in any way they needed. The following are the projects that the students worked with and the information if you would feel compelled to continue to extend help in any way.

Guatemala 789

Project Genesis
Project Genesis is a community movement that seeks to disrupt the cycle of poverty at its roots by empowering children and families and providing a safe space where students can learn and play.  Project Genesis provides hope to over 100 children, living in a neglected region of Guatemala. Children are given education support, proper nutrition, spiritual support, health care and safety. Director Ricardo Armas has devoted his life to this work.  Ricardo shared that “children used to come to Project Genesis thinking their only options for the future were to drive a chicken bus, or migrate to the United States, now they talk about becoming doctors and veterinarians and lawyers.” You can learn more about Project Genesis by visiting their

Guatemala 846Hogar Luz de Maria
Students visited the Luz de Maria children’s home that serves as a safe place for orphaned and abandoned children.  Hogar Luz de Maria provides dozens of infants, toddlers and youngsters with love, support, education, health care, and nutrition.  They provide a family structure and healthy atmosphere. You can find out more about Hogar Luz de Maria here:

image1Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children
Students also served at Casa Jackson, a hospital that has helped over 2,000 children recover from life-threatening malnutrition. You can learn about Casa Jackson here:

Robotics Team returns from WORLD Championship

Robotics Team returns from WORLD Championship


Since returning from the VEX World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky, the Sacred Heart VEX Robotics team has been busy — planning, reflecting, and sharing their experiences. We sat down with three team members to talk more about their experiences.

This year’s VEX Robotics challenge game was called Turning Point. Can you explain a bit more about that?
Kannon Knutsvig: The goal is to use your robot to pick up balls and shoot them to flip flags to your color or to pick up and flip caps on the ground to your color. Either could score you a point. There is an autonomous operation for extra points, and “parking” which is two robots pushing.

eaglerobot_smallerWhat was a highlight for you?
Michael Suda: This is my first year participating, so it was interesting to just see how the competition works and then to try to design a robot that would work well to achieve the goals that were put before us. Also to meet other teams and see how they solved the same problem in a different way.

What awards did you earn this year?
Caden Knutsvig: This year we competed at State, Nationals, and Worlds. This year we won 12 awards, including two Excellence awards, twice we were named for the Judges Award and twice as Skills Finalists, we were tournament champions twice, and at almost every tournament we were in the finals. That’s a really big change from placing dead last for two years in a row. The Excellence award is for the all around “best in show” robot and is based off the team notebook, the score from talking to the judges, skills score, and your competition performance. It’s the highest honor you can get at a VEX competition and we got it twice this year… Which is really amazing!

What do you think made a difference last year to this year?
Michael Suda: Some of us had gone to a camp during the summer before competition started and we picked up some ideas there. There are two systems that are out for VEX systems right now, V4 is older, and V5 has newer motors. They are stronger, but you can use less of them. We were one of the few teams that got the V5 system early, but only had it for about a week before our first competition. It had a flywheel that would kind of shoot the ball like a baseball batting mechanism. We modified it throughout the year, but for the most part we kept the same basic design. We did develop a robot later on that had a catapult that threw the ball. There were a lot of factors that you could tweak with the catapult as to how fast or far you wanted the ball to launch.

_DSC0034What was the experience of competing at WORLDS like?
Kannon Knutsvig: The highlight for me at Worlds was to see 1,700 teams at the event — it was massive! To think that we made it to the world championship is pretty neat. You’re in the best of the best. It was nice to meet people from different cultures. I talked to people and brought back currency from all the countries I could – New Zealand, Philippines, China, UAE, South Korea, Canada, Columbia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Egypt, Mexico, Taiwan, Bahrain, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, Paraguay, and Saudi Arabia.

What challenges did you encounter?
Michael Suda: We’re looking at just making sure we have enough materials currently to keep a functioning robot. Ideally we would have more than one robot. It works really well, but having more materials will help us test our robot and see how it would work against other competitors. It would also help us try new things as there are multiple ways to solve the same issue or finding a more efficient way to solve a problem.