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Sacred Heart School 2017-18 First Quarter Honor Roll

Sacred Heart School 2017-18 First Quarter Honor Roll

Straight A Honor Roll

12th Grade

Kloe Wavra

Jade Zimprich


11th Grade

Jiejun Chen

Gabriel Suda

Lily Zimprich


10th Grade

Sydney Anvinson

Macyn Bloom

Katie Brindamour

Ivy Edwards

John Fontaine

Benjamin Goetz

Mallory Howe

Caden Knutsvig

Maria Kroeber

Madalin Mitzel

Aaron Steckman


9th Grade

Aubre Bergum

Paige Brandner

Cloe Hanson

Isabella Knudson

Dana Walski

Gabriella Zimprich


8th Grade

Andrew Cantera

Samuel Gapp

Gianna Hollcraft

Kannon Knutsvig

Sophia LeMire

Zachary Martin

Grace Miller

Caden Reimer

Madeline Stangl

Isaac Telle

Diego Torres

Landon Walker


7th Grade

Emma Anderson

Breck Bloom

Elizabeth Goetz

Avery Horken

Magdalene Spicer

CadenceSue Starnes

Daniel Suda

Noah Thompson

Audrey Zavoral

Abigail Zwilling


A Honor Roll

12th Grade

Abby Anderson

Jaxon Bergum

Noah Chine

Spenser Evens

Chelsea Greer

Hannah Hollcraft

Ross LaBine Jr.

Ian Sczepanski

Jordan Tomkinson


11th Grade

Brenden Bethke

Dustin Brandner

Zyan Greer

Lily Grossbauer

Ireland Hanson

Emma Jordet

Jessica Remer

Jacob Schepp

John White


10th Grade

Lucy Bevelacqua

Chenzhu Guan

Andrew Ogaard

Adam Shea


9th Grade

Anna Bevelacqua

Jacob Kraft

Sydney Lloyd

Kyra Majors

Dustin Ringuette

Adam Sczepanski

Ronnie-Sue Starnes

Gage Wavra


8th Grade

Madison Armstrong

Samuel Brindamour

Emma Cavalli

Levi Dallum

Sophie Evavold

Victoria Keller

Elijah Kolstoe

Grace Loeslie

Cullen Rohrich

Benjamin Ross

Madison Steckman

Zachary Stocker

Kobe Tomkinson

Isaac Zavoral


7th Grade

Ella Adolphson

Cassidy Anderson

Shayleigh Hanson

Alexander Hart

Estelle Kuhlman

Mark Novak

Lauren Tran

Haley Vonasek

Tara Walski


B Honor Roll

12th Grade

Tanner Brundin

Jack Gerber

Molly Hanson

Lauryn Larson

Ian Evavold

Sarah Kraft

Jonathon Lee

Oscar Ortiz III

Evan Sczepanski

William White


10th Grade

James Fontaine

Ezrabella Haas

Naomi Lee

Eric Mykleseth

Harrison Punton

Grace Roberts

Michael Suda

Luke Thompson

Kaitlyn Werner


9th Grade

Danaeya Martinez

Harmon Swiger

Beau Votava

Jack Zavoral


8th Grade

Hunter Baker

Carson Belbas

Nicholas Brundin

Avery Harsell

Clay LaBine

Tucker Pederson

Grace Vonesh

Maria Wharam


7th Grade

Colton Bjorge

Anthony Burkel

Julia Lee

Samantha Mondry

Elizabeth Siemers


WelCore Flu Shot Clinic at SHS

WelCore Flu Shot Clinic at SHS

Sacred Heart will be hosting the WelCore Health and Influenza Vaccine Clinic on Tuesday, October 10th (Elementary students 1-2pm, High School students 2-3pm, and open to the public from 3-4pm). We ask that if you wish to have your child that is younger than third grade vaccinated please make arrangements to accompany them to the clinic or come at the 3-4pm timeslot which is open to the public. We had some very scared students in the younger grades last year. We would like to prevent any unnecessary stress for our students.


2017_Welcore Flu Shot Clinic

Science “Tricks and Treats” Night for K-6 and Science Club (7-12)

Science “Tricks and Treats” Night for K-6 and Science Club (7-12)

Science Night Flier & FAQ

Science Night Form


Sacred Heart Science Club Presents…

Science “Tricks and Treats” Night

Students (K-6) are invited to participate in Science Night, an evening to exhibit the results of their own scientific investigations.
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
5:00pm: Set up in social hall
5:30-6:00pm: Poster presentations
6:00-7:00pm: Science demonstrations/activities
Q: Is this a science fair?
A: It’s set up like a science fair, but there is no judging.
Q: What topics can I investigate?
A: Music, sports, electricity, environment, chemistry, cooking, computers, behavior, biology…any of these can be a starting point for a science fair project!
Q: What is the format?
A: You can do an experiment, investigate something that interests you, or display a special collection.
Q: Can parents help?
A: YES! This is an out-of-school activity. We hope parents will be involved in helping their students. It can be fun for the whole family.
Q: Where can I find ideas?
A: Internet, books (SH library, public library), science club members*.
Two excellent internet resources are:
*The High School Science Club will be available every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30 in Room 214 (Second Floor Miss Bauer’s Room) to help students with ideas, experiments, project write-up, and poster making*
Questions: Sarina Bauer 218.773.0230 ex. 214

Olympian Laurie Hernandez helps kick off the first day of school at SHS

Olympian Laurie Hernandez helps kick off the first day of school at SHS


For Sacred Heart students the first day of school culminated in a visit from an Olympian. Laurie Hernandez joined Sacred Heart students, sharing her faith, journey, and goals. “Everyday leads up to what you want to do.” said Hernadez. “Your future doesn’t start in 10 years, it doesn’t start in a few months. It starts right now and you get to decide where you go from here.”

DSC_0167In the moderated Q & A she shared with students her journey and her experience. Since bringing home the Gold and Silver medals at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, 17-year-old Hernandez has gone on to win the coveted Mirror ball trophy on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 23. She also recently published her first book titled “I Got This: To Gold and Beyond” chronicling her journey thus far was published in January 2017, hitting the New York Times Best Sellers list. Laurie is known for her dazzling floor exercise routine where she has been nicknamed the “human emoji” for her outgoing facial expressions and for her grace and artistry on the balance beam. Laurie is a second generation American, as her grandparents are from Puerto Rico, making her the first U.S. born Latina to make the U.S. team since 1984. Laurie credits her hard work, leadership skills, and her never give up attitude to her Mom, who was in the Army Reserves while Laurie was growing up.DSC_0243

Hernandez is the third guest speaker brought to Sacred Heart for the school’s DAY ONE activities. Previous speakers include 2016 – “Remember the Titans” Coach Herman Boone and 2015 former Minnesota Viking, Super Bowl Champion with the Baltimore Ravens and current Director of Player Development for the National Football, Matt Birk.