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Sacred Heart breaks ground on new $3M addition


With the recent growth in enrollment, Sacred Heart School broke ground on a new $3M addition in June. Construction is set to begin over the summer of 2018 and continue through 2019. The new seven classroom addition will be open to students starting in the fall of 2019.

Sacred Heart School, with the support of donors as a part of the New Day Campaign, has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. The school maintains Personalized Education Profiles for all students in gr. 6–12, has implemented a new school leadership structure, increased faculty salary compensation and added funding for advanced degrees for faculty, added six on-site dual college credit courses for students, increased tuition revenue collection, created a full-time marketing and admissions position, and started the Sacred Heart Foundation 501(c)(3) to help supplement education costs and manage scholarships and endowments.

In just five years, Preschool-12th enrollment is up 30%, with an expected increase of over 100 students by Fall 2018. The school expects to host double sections of all grades except 4th, 5th, 10th, and 12th when school resumes this fall.

GraphicGrowth is a Good Problem at SHS

With recent growth, Sacred Heart has tried to squeeze every bit of space out of the current structure, converting areas meant for other purposes into classroom space. The upper grade level of the present school building has already lost three full classrooms, and subdivided another classroom into two as the school tries to accommodate the expanding enrollment. “The need for more classroom space has become a limiting factor in our offerings at Sacred Heart,” says School President Carl Adolphson, “If we want to continue our growth and academic excellence we need more space.” A growing student body has now created a bottle-neck as students progress to the upper grades.

“We keep getting calls about enrollment,” says Jen MacLeod Koller ‘02, the school’s Admission Director. “Our Preschool and Kindergartens are full at 40, capped, and at the point of having waitlists, with 6th, 7th, and a few other grades not far behind.”

With the understanding that the school will run out of space after the coming year, the Sacred Heart Foundation has been working on financing an addition and was recently awarded a generous $2.5 million dollar matching grant from the Engelstad Family Foundation to be used towards new construction. “They certainly didn’t have to do this for Sacred Heart. But, they did,” says School Superintendent, Msgr. Mike Foltz. “The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways and we will honor their gift by making Sacred Heart School the best it can be.”

The Sacred Heart Foundation plans to Seize this Moment

The Sacred Heart Foundation will have to raise a matching $500,000 by December 31st, 2018, to secure the $2.5M dollar grant. The Foundation concluded that this would be an opportunity to build upon this generosity as the school had just finished off the New Day Campaign nearly two years ago. “After generating $6M from scratch going back to 2013 we pondered the practicality of launching another campaign,” says Sacred Heart Foundation Chair Dan Zavoral ‘93. With the a new addition structure comes a need for additional staff, maintenance costs, increased faculty salaries, and additional subsidization for scholarships and tuition assistance for current and new students. The Foundation has grouped these needs together into the Seize this Moment Campaign.
On February 12th, 2018, the Sacred Heart Foundation Board, Finance Council, Pastoral Council, and School Advisory Council met in a joint session to discuss options for growth and acceptance of the $2.5M dollar grant offer, as well as the $7M Seize this Moment Campaign Plan. All four groups unanimously endorsed the plan to construct the addition and move forward with the Campaign.

On May 2nd, the Sacred Heart Foundation hosted a campaign kick off event detailing the campaign’s intentions. The first objective is constructing six new classrooms and a commons area on the south end of the current school at an estimated cost of $3M using the $2.5M match and raising $500,000. The school plans to cap enrollment at two sections of each grade K-12 with 40–50 per grade level. “Projections indicate we can continue to fill second sections,” says Adolphson.

interiorNew Addition on Campus

When the new addition opens for students in the fall of 2019, it will be dedicated to the Sisters of Mount St. Benedict. “Sacred Heart School would not have been possible nor would it have flourished without the dedicated leadership of the Sisters of Mount Saint Benedict,” says Foundation Executive Director Dennis P. DeMers ‘66. “Dedicating this addition to them is a fitting and appropriate way of recognizing the multi-generational influence these gifted women have had on our parish.”

Adding capacity in the elementary enables the school to reclaim space lost in the high school and allows more students to be able to filter into various class offerings in grades 7-12th. Filling upper level seats makes the entire enterprise more cost-efficient and allows more scheduling options to make the high school experience more attractive.

“We need to continue on our current trajectory financially and in enrollment growth to meet our long-term goals,” says Adolphson. School Administration recognizes there are some challenges associated with adding onto the present structure of Sacred Heart School. “By raising additional funds beyond the $3M cost of the new addition,” explains Adolphson, “we will be able to extend our growth time allowing students to grow and fill the high school, fund current and future building maintenance needs, and keep us on our current path to ensure Sacred Heart School is here for the next 100+ years!”

QuoteMsgrGrowing Catholic Education City-Wide

The growing desire of a Catholic education option is not something limited to Sacred Heart. Superintendent Msgr. Mike Foltz has noticed a changing tide in interest in Catholic education in the Greater Grand Forks area. “It has been a great experience for me these past five years in collaborating with the Pastors of Holy Family, St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s to grow our Catholic schools,” says Foltz. “It is our vision and hope that we will, in the not too distant future, have all of our schools full and have a waiting list.”

With that goal in mind, Foltz is optimistic about the future. “We will continue to partner through the Grand Cities Catholic School Committee to enhance our collaboration with our leadership, teachers and staff,” says Msgr. Mike Foltz. “When we keep the focus on Christ and the students all things are possible.”



President’s Message, Summer 2018

ADOLPHSON, CarlThe National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) is a leading Catholic organization with a purpose to promote Catholic Schools nationwide. This organization holds a national conference every year where some of the brightest minds and strongest supporters of Catholic education gather to help reinvigorate attendees and celebrate our mission. Catholic school educators believe first and foremost in the importance of educating the whole child. We encourage children to live their faith, learn to serve others, and most importantly trust in Jesus, our Savior.

In my office I have a poster from the NCEA titled, “Why Choose Catholic Schools?,” which highlights the following reasons:

• We offer an education that combines Catholic faith and teachings with academic excellence.
• We partner with parents in the faith formation of their children.
• We instill in students the value of service to others.
• We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed.
• We provide a balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture and life.
• We use technology effectively and in a balanced way to enhance education.
• We teach children respect of self and others.
• We emphasize moral development and self-discipline.
• We prepare students to be productive citizens and future leaders with strong communication skills.
• We cultivate a faculty and staff of people who are dedicated, caring, and believe in our students and mission.
• We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.

The greater Grand Forks area residents are blessed to have such strong Catholic school options here in our city. The 11 reasons listed above from the NCEA are a great start, but if a friend, relative, neighbor, or colleague asked you “Why Catholic School?” what would you say? It’s my hope that you would not only mention some of the items listed above, but also add many others. Why Sacred Heart School? For most of us the short list above is only the beginning.

Have a great summer!

God Bless,

Carl Adolphson
Sacred Heart School President

Baseball is STATE-bound (Click for more Info!)

Baseball is STATE-bound (Click for more Info!)


Sacred Heart Baseball is going to STATE!

Sacred Heart will be sending our boys baseball team to Chaska, MN to compete in the Minnesota State Tournament June 14-16th.

We invite alumni, friends, parents, and past parents to join us! If you cannot make any of the events please continue to pray for the success of the boys and for Sacred Heart School.

Help offset additional costs for the Eagles’ State appearance! Make a donation here.

We are about half way to funding this trip.  With bussing, hotel accommodations, and food for 3 days it is not cheap.  Please consider funding this trip today.  Any donation made chips away at the cost.  Thanks to all who have already donated!

State Send-Off on Wednesday, June 13th at Sacred Heart

  • 7:15 a.m. Mass at Sacred Heart Church (Door #1)
  • 8:00 a.m. Team Send-Off Celebration and Spirit Wear available (Merth Gymnasium, door #2)
  • 9:00 a.m. Send Off for Baseball Team

Cheer on the Eagles!

Tournament Schedule
The Eagles open up the first round of the State Tournament Thursday morning at 10:00AM vs. Heritage Christian Academy. At this time the team would play Thursday June 14th and Friday June 15th no matter what and hopefully Saturday the 16th! Brackets will be updated online by the MSHSL.

Fan Bus to State –  DID NOT FILL
UPDATE: There is no longer a fan bus planned for the State tournament.

Hotel Reservations
UPDATE: The team is no longer at the Norwood Inn and Suites.  The team is now at the Best Western in Shakopee.  There are openings in the hotel for Wednesday and Thursday nights as well as nearby hotels with vacancy.  Many parents and friends are booked at the Country Inn and Suites in Shakopee.  

Can’t make it to Chaska?

Here’s ways you can get in on the STATE BASEBALL FUN!

  • Follow their trip on Social Media! Get trip and game updates on Twitter (@SHSchoolEGF) or on Facebook.
  • Radio coverage will be provided by KROX and by KNOX. Both stations offer a “Listen Live” option for fans outside of the broadcast area.
  • Support SHS Athletics! Traveling to State is fun — but it isn’t cheap! Help the team defray the cost by donating online today! Make a donation here.
Graduation Information

Graduation Information



The Faculty, Administration, and Students at Sacred Heart School celebrate the Graduation Commencement Exercises for the class of 2018 on Friday, May 25th, at 4:00 p.m. in the Sacred Heart Merth Gymnasium at 200 Third Street (use door #2).

SHS to participate in JDRF Kids for a Cure

SHS to participate in JDRF Kids for a Cure


May 14th-18th Sacred Heart School will be participating in JDRF Kids for a Cure – Kids Helping Kids Cure Type 1 Diabetes. Paper shoes and a table will be set up outside the elementary offices for students who would like to contribute to finding a cure for juvenile diabetes.

First of all, from our family, we wish to thank the Sacred Heart staff, especially Miss Lang, Mrs. Hoefs and Mrs. Swiger for their support and flexibility in accommodating Sophia in being a regular kid.

Sophia Keller is currently a 2nd grader at Sacred Heart.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in July 2017.  Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce insulin, which allows the sugar in the blood stream to move into cells to be stored and used as energy.  Sophia must monitor her blood sugar level (BSL) before and after meals and during times of activity and stress, about 9 times a day.  At meal times, the carbohydrates (sugars and starches) are accounted for by reading labels and weighing portions.  The amount of insulin administered varies based on the BSL and the amount of carbohydrates.  In addition, she receives a long acting insulin before bed to help regulate her BSL between meals.  The long-term effects of having a high BSL include kidney failure, heart disease, and nerve & eye damage.  The consequence of a low BSL is low energy and fainting.

The cause of Type 1 Diabetes is unknown, however some believe it is an autoimmune disorder.  The only treatment is to do the job of the pancreas.  Currently, Sophia receives insulin by injection and monitors her BSL with test strips.  Other technology available is a continuous monitor that reads the BSL through the skin, which reduces the test strip checks to 2 times per day for calibration and an insulin pump to eliminate the need for meal and nighttime injections.

For Sophia, discovering how having low or high BSL affects her and being able to communicate that with her family has been a fast learning curve.  Now, almost a year later, she can tell when she’s low and lets us know.   Her classmates even help by reminding her when it is time to test her BSL if she’s too absorbed in her schoolwork, o.k. recess.  Her siblings also look out for her, as any disease like this affects not just the person, but those who support and surround them too.

Here are several notes on Type 1 Diabetes:

Also known as juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes

Autoimmune disease

1.25 million Americans have this type of Diabetes

40,000 are diagnosed each year

At the end of the day, the technology is out there to accommodate Type 1 Diabetes and there are wonderful people who assist in keeping the world “normal” for the kids, but we don’t know the cause and there is no prevention.  We must continue the research and continue to develop our knowledge of Diabetes for treatment and then prevention.


Bernadette, Kristopher, Victoria, Alexander, Sophia & Michael


Students Recognized as part of 100+ Hours of Service Challenge


Beginning in the fall of 2016, in conjunction with the school’s philosophy to foster students to become “citizens who are responsive to the needs of society,” Sacred Heart School set the expectation that each student in grade nine through twelve, will accumulate 100 hours of Christian Service prior to graduation. The expectation is that each student, starting in grade nine, will accumulate their service hours with a goal to perform 25 hours of service at school or in the community each year. Our hope is that each student will set as his/her goal a total of 100 hours prior to graduation. Students will not be required to achieve the hours to graduate, however, the students who accomplish the 100 hours will receive recognition in the graduation program and the honor to wear a white honor cord with their graduation apparel. The following student have met the 25 hours per year goal set for the grade they are currently enrolled.

Following each student’s name is an account of the amount of service hours they have completed.

25 Hours of Service Goal by End of Freshman Year
Paige Brandner (50)
Isabella Knudson (47)
Sydney Lloyd (121)
Dustin Ringuette (49)
Adam Sobolik (37.5)
Dana Walski (29)
Jack Zavoral (33)
Gabriella Zimprich (106)

50 Hours of Service Goal by End of Sophomore Year
Macyn Bloom (61)
Katie Brindamour (172)
Ivy Edwards (86)
Benjamin Goetz (84)
Caden Knutsvig (53)
Mallory Howe (112)
Madalin Mitzel (75)
Aaron Steckman (63)
Kaitlyn Werner (178)

75 Hours of Service Goal by End of Junior Year
Abby Brouillard (84)
Jiejun Chen (86)
Zyan Greer (104)
Jessica Remer (89.75)
William Rohrich (100)
James Votava (113)
John White (83)
Lily Zimprich (160.73)

75 Hours of Service Goal by End of Senior Year (White Service Cords at Graduation)
Abby Anderson (83)
Jaxon Bergum (80.5)
Chelsea Greer (200)
Hannah Hollcraft (78.5)
Lauryn Larson (82)
Jordan Tomkinson (78)
Kloe Wavra (241.75)
Jade Zimprich (101)



SHS Third Quarter Honor Roll

SHS Third Quarter Honor Roll

Straight A



Abby Anderson

Hannah Hollcraft

Jordan Tomkinson

Jade Zimprich



Lily Grossbauer

Gabriel Suda

William White

Lily Zimprich



Sydney Anvinson

Macyn Bloom

Katie Brindamour

Ivy Edwards

John Fontaine

Benjamin Goetz

Mallory Howe

Caden Knutsvig

Maria Kroeber

Madalin Mitzel

Aaron Steckman



Paige Brandner

Cloe Hanson

Isabella Knudson

Dana Walski


8th Grade

Andrew Cantera

Samuel Gapp

Kannon Knutsvig

Sophia LeMire

Grace Miller

Caden Reimer

Benjamin Ross

Madeline Stangl

Isaac Telle

Diego Torres


7th Grade

Emma Anderson

Breck Bloom

Elizabeth Goetz

Avery Horken

Justin Schepp

Magdalene Spicer

Daniel Suda

Haley Vonasek

Audrey Zavoral

Abigail Zwilling


A Honor Roll



Noah Chine

Kloe Wavra



Brenden Bethke

Jiejun Chen

Emma Jordet

Sarah Kraft

Jessica Remer

Evan Sczepanski

John White



Lucy Bevelacqua

James Fontaine

Chenzhu Guan

Eric Mykleseth

Grace Roberts

Kaitlyn Werner



Aubre Bergum

Anna Bevelacqua

Jacob Kraft

Sydney Lloyd

Kyra Majors

Dustin Ringuette

Adam Sczepanski

Beau Votava

Gage Wavra

Gabriella Zimprich


8th Grade

Madison Armstrong

Samuel Brindamour

Levi Dallum

Sophie Evavold

Gianna Hollcraft

Victoria Keller

Grace Loeslie

Zachary Martin

Cullen Rohrich

Zachary Stocker

Grace Vonesh

Landon Walker

Isaac Zavoral


7th Grade

Ella Adolphson

Cassidy Anderson

Anthony Burkel

Alexander Hart

Estelle Kuhlman

Julia Lee

Mark Novak

Onalee Shogren

Noah Thompson

Lauren Tran

Tara Walski


B Honor Roll



Jaxon Bergum

Tanner Brundin

Spenser Evens

Jack Gerber

Chelsea Greer

Molly Hanson

Jr., LaBine



Dustin Brandner

Ian Evavold

Zyan Greer

Ireland Hanson

Jonathon Lee

Oscar Ortiz III

Jacob Schepp

James Votava



Naomi Lee

Andrew Ogaard

Adam Shea

Michael Suda

Luke Thompson



Samuel Modeen

Harmon Swiger

Jack Zavoral


8th Grade

Nicholas Brundin

Avery Harsell

Clay LaBine

Tucker Pederson

Kaden Schauer

Madison Steckman

Kobe Tomkinson

Maria Wharam



7th Grade

Peter Gergen

Shayleigh Hanson

Mantana Jorgenson

Larissa Osowski

Elizabeth Siemers

Charlotte Whiting


Catholic Schools Week 2018 Schedule

Catholic Schools Week 2018 Schedule


Sacred Heart is looking forward to Catholic Schools Week which runs January 28th-February 3rd! National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. The theme for 2018 is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” Sacred Heart and our Grand Cities Catholic Schools friends at Holy Family – St. Mary’s Catholic School & St. Michael’s Catholic School will observe the annual celebration week with Masses and activities for students, families, parishioners and community members. Through these events, our schools focus on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities, and our nation.

January 28, Sunday

  • Knights Pancake Breakfast and Free throw contest
  • 7:30 am, 9:00 am and 10:30 am Mass – Students participating
  • 12:00 noon Knights of Columbus Free throw competition

January 29, Monday, Character Day (dress as one of your favorite Characters)

  • 9:42- Praise and Worship Kick Off K-12
  • Grand Cities Catholic Schools Staff Social at Holy Family 4:00 pm
  • Girls Basketball vs. Northern Freeze (Home) JH 5:30/JV 6:00/V 7:30

January 30, Tuesday, Spirit Day

  • Pastries with Parents 7:30-8:10 am; Face Painting by Student Council, a free will offering will be accepted for the Back-Pack Program.
  • Kooky Olympics K-6 at 2:15 pm
  • HS Juniors to Holy Family to help with the Read-a-thon dismiss at 2:00
  • Rome Pilgrims Spaghetti Dinner 5:00pm–7:00pm
  • Girls Basketball vs. Stephen-Argyle (Stephen-Argyle) 7th grade begins at 5:00 the rest will follow
  • JH Boys Basketball vs. Crookston (Home) 7th 4:30/8th 5:30
  • BB vs. Badger-Greenbush/Middle River (H) C Team 5:00/JV 6:00/V7:30

January 31, Wednesday, Comfy Day

  • Know Your Faith Competition in Dickenson, ND
  • 1:00-3:20 Movie, Cars III, in the Gym K- 12. Popcorn and beverages will be sold by the NHS for $1.00. Students are invited to bring a pillow and blanket.

February 1, Thursday, Color Day (each grade will have a specific color to wear)

  • Get up and Move Day (Music Plays EVERYONE dances throughout the day)
  • 6th grade Parents vs. Students Basketball at 2:15 pm; K-6 cheer on the 6th graders
  • HS Seniors to St. Mike’s to read at 1:30
  • Girls Basketball vs. Goodrige/Grygla-Gatzke (Home) JH 5:30/JV 6:00/V 7:30

February 2, Friday, Dress Up Day!

  • High School Science Club at the Science Olympiad bus leaving at 7:00am
  • 9:35-10:05 High School Students read with our Elementary students.

11th grade read to Kindergarten (Cariveau all go to Hammond, Gergen Jrs. to Seubert, Walker all to Seubert, Andrys Jrs. to Hammond)
10th grade read to 4th graders (All students go to Mrs. Johnson, some might need to be partnered.)
9th graders read to 3rd graders (Miss Bauer please split and send half to Lemire and half to Hoefs)
8th graders read to 2nd graders (Garritson to Kappes, Mattingley to Lang)
7th graders read to 1st graders (Pieper to Schroeder, Lund to Roberts)
The seniors will be facilitating the Lectio Divina with 5th and 6th graders.

  • Grand Cities Catholic School Mass at SHS at 1:15 pm – students should be dismissed at 1:00 pm
  • Boys Basketball vs. Clearbrook-Gonvick (Clearbrook) JV 6:00/V 7:30.

February 3rd, Saturday

  • Boys C Team Tournament at Fosston HS
  • Boys Varsity Event vs. Win-E-Mac at Grand Forks Central 12:30.