Joe Raymond ‘54

Joe Raymond

Joe Raymond attended twelve years of grade school and high school at Sacred Heart.  Living only a few blocks from the school, he had the opportunity to participate in athletics in the old grade school building.  With the construction of the church, the high school, and the gymnasium, he experienced playing ball in a basement gymnasium and then moved up into the present-day A.I. Merth Auditorium.

Joe Raymond was an All-State football and basketball player at Sacred Heart.  As a junior, he led the Sacred Heart basketball team to the Catholic Regional Tournament, which they won by defeating Duluth Cathedral.  They went to the state tournament that year, where they won the consolation title.

The 1953 basketball team (the only Sacred Heart team to make it to state) was made up of players who were neither tall enough, nor fast enough, nor good enough to accomplish their goals unless they exhibited good teamwork.  Many spectators believed that they had the ability to read each other’s minds on and off the court.

When the games were close or the tide was turning against them, it was time to step it up.  And it was Joe Raymond who usually ended up making a bucket, stealing the ball, or setting up the perfect pass.  According to teammate Mike Gaddie, when the going got tough – it was Joe Raymond who carried us.

Joe Raymond played hard in football and basketball at Sacred Heart, and his skills in basketball helped Sacred Heart earn its first and only trip to the state tournament.  Because of his ability to lead, he has significantly contributed to the athletic excellence at Sacred Heart.