Frank Senger

Frank Senger – Hall of Fame Class of 19931993-Senger-Frank-1

In 1950, Frank Senger joined the Sacred Heart Athletic Association.  For 25 years, he ran the concessions at all of the sporting events.  Frank held a position on the Board of Directors from 1959-1975 and during these years, he was directly responsible for numerous fundraising projects, such as the annual Athletic Club Party and Month-O-Money.  Frank was always there when things had to be accomplished, whether it was painting the gymnasium or pouring concrete around the building.

When the wrestling program was started, it was Frank who converted an old locker room into a wrestling room.  He also took the lead when discussions began regarding women’s athletics at Sacred Heart.  The school’s hockey program was started with a substantial amount of help from Frank Senger.

Anyone who ever played in or came to a football game, basketball game, or wrestling match would find Frank Senger there.  He was the guy in the concession stand selling pop, popcorn, candy bars, and suckers.  Frank would always have a smile on his face while he helped customers pick out whatever food or beverage they needed.  When it wasn’t busy, he would watch the game and cheer on the Eagles.  While helping out at sporting events, he had the opportunity to watch each of his sons excel in athletics.  Frank served Sacred Heart athletes, the school, and the Athletic Club with distinction and a gruff flair.

The greatest legacy of Frank may be that he took the time to commit to athletics at Sacred Heart and to recruit alumni to serve as members of the Athletic Club and on its Board of Directors.  Without his leadership and sacrifice, athletics at Sacred Heart would not be at the level they are today.  Due to Frank’s dedication, he has left a perpetual impression that has led to athletic excellence at Sacred Heart.