All-School Mass wraps up First Week Events


Last Friday the school held their All-School Mass with students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade, parents and other family members attending. Msgr. Mike Foltz, School Superintendent, and Fr. Xavier Ilango,Sacred Heart’s pastor, presided.

During his homily, Msgr Foltz used an Olympics analogy to discuss with students how Olympians trained, saying, “here at Sacred Heart School we train you body, mind, and soul…we are all disciples in training.” Msgr. Foltz asked students to list off subjects they enjoyed learning. When one student touched on religion and faith he noted to them that at their school they are also here to work on their spirit and souls. “We also do actions,” said Foltz, “such as love, respect people, and pray for the poor.“ He invited students to remember that at Sacred Heart positive student actions and living Christian lives speak louder than words. “If we do that day after day, week after week, month after month… what’s the prize we’re working towards? Heaven!”

The school invites parents and parishioners to attend school Masses, Praise & Worship and a variety of other events during the year. Visit the school calendar at for times.


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