Elementary (K-6th Grade) Program

Our Elementary program offers a myriad of learning experiences.

Fine Arts

  • Music Class for K-6th (Daily)
  • Music Programs for K-6th
  • Band Elective for 5th & 6th
  • Visual Arts for 1st-6th


  • Spanish K-6th (Weekly)

Technology Class for K-6th (weekly)
STAR Program (6th)
Physical Education (Daily)
Religion Curriculum
Daily Prayer
School Liturgy & Praise and Worship

Extra Curricular Athletics

  • Basketball (1st-6th)
  • Volleyball (3rd-6th)
  • Wrestling (1st-6th)
  • Football (5-6)
  • Archery Club (4th-12th)
  • VEX Robotics Club (6th-12th)
  • Chess Club (2nd-6th)

Sports and other Clubs are subject to change each year based on interest and availability. For updates, forms or schedules for school athletics visit the school office.