Concert Choir (7-12)


The Music Department at Sacred Heart consists of choral and band.  It strives for aesthetic musical experiences through study, performance, listening, awareness and creating.  Students have the opportunity to express themselves through choral or instrumental music with confidence and proficiency using the talents, abilities and opportunities with which God has blessed them. Visit our School’s YouTube Channel for videos featuring our concert choir and Band!

Concert Choir (8-12)

Knowledge, skill and dedication are the keys to succeeding! By participating in the Sacred Heart choir program, you’ll acquire a set of music literacy skills that will help you decipher the markings found in a piece of music. Whether you have no idea what a quarter note is, or if you’ve already written your own symphony, we strive to give you the power to be an independent musician! These skills are meant to prepare students to handle the challenging literature performed. Students will participate in a “skill builder” program that teaches rhythm counting and pitch relationships.  The skills and knowledge you will be responsible for learning include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Reading musical dictation.  (i.e. pitch and rhythm)
  • Ability to sing a major and minor scale
  • Sight reading/singing
  • Dynamics/musical expression
  • Tempo Markings
  • Performing in foreign languages (i.e. Latin, German, Norwegian, French, Croatian, Bantu, Swahili, etc.)
  • Knowledge of the musical literature studied.  This includes, Composer, date of composition, period of composition, translation if in a foreign language, genre, etc.

These skills are required for successful participation in the choir program.  Your focus, determination, and attitude will determine your level of success in the choir program. Skills will be practiced and graded in class, but some work will be required outside of the choir rehearsal.   Additionally, the choir will participate in at least 3 concerts throughout the year and (year dependent) may participate in at least one choral festival or tour.

This class will be a fun as you make it.  The art of choral music as we know it can be traced back to the days prior to Pope Gregory the Great and Guido D’Arezzo.  It is an ancient art form that has helped shape the Catholic Church as well as western society throughout the ages.  What makes it so unique is that it is truly the voice and song of the human person, unadulterated or filtered in any way.  It has been around before you and will continue to outlive you. A true choral singer is: open, expressive, intelligent, full of life, critical, tactful, and obedient.  If you adopt these attributes, you will be in store for a very fun year!