Admission Policies

1. Parents must pay Enrollment Fee ($25)

2. All enrollment forms must be completed and returned before the child is able to start program.

- Enrollment form
- Family and Social History
- Health Care Summary (completed by physician)
- Immunization record (completed and signed)
- Medical Authorization form
- 90 Day Grace Period Contract

3. Children must toilet trained.

4. Each child is given a 90 Day Grace Period. If at any point the Director or staff determines that a child is not benefiting from our program, we may ask that other arrangements be made for him/her. This also allows the parent a choice to leave our program if they feel the program is not right for their child. The parent will need to complete the 90 Day Grace Period form attached to enrollment forms.

5. If the child will be using the hot lunch program, the parent will need to pay a minimum of $20 to be put in the lunch account. This should be a separate check made out to Sacred Heart. This enables you to have a positive balance in the account from the beginning. We ask that you always keep a positive balance in this account. If you provide us with your email address we can have your balance sent to you to keep you updated.