Phy. Ed & Health

Parachute (1)Parachute (2)Sacred Heart School offers physical education daily for students in K-7, and a variety of options to take Health/Physical education as an elective again in grades 8-12.

Physical Education is an integral part of the total education program at Sacred Heart School.  It contributes to the well- being of the student physically, mentally, spiritual, and socially, through the medium of physical activity.  The philosophy of the physical education program is to educate students to learn the necessary skills and benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Each student will develop and improve fine and gross motor skills and physical fitness in an organized, sequential program through the medium of physical activity.

Emphasis will be placed on participation.  Short-term improvement, while important, is not the yardstick by which the program’s success is gauged.  More importantly, the program is based on a solid contribution to the student’s overall wellness through the rest of their adult life.DSC_0394

Physical Education (Grade 7)
Health & Physical Education (Grades 8-12)

The Physical Education curriculum will concentrate on all areas of physical development.  Classes will stress the importance of student participation and sportsmanship while learning and performing various skills – along with encouraging students about nutritional needs.

This Health Education course is designed to enhance the awareness and knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices and how to apply. The six adolescent risk behaviors (tobacco use, dietary patterns that contribute to disease, sedentary lifestyles, sexual behaviors, alcohol and drug use, and behaviors that result in intentional and unintentional injury) will be addressed. We will also cover mental, emotional, and physical health.