Business & Technology

DSC_0156Sacred Heart School is committed to providing opportunities for our students to gain confidence and proficiency of the technical skills of the 21st Century. Through a purposeful integration of technology, students will be provided with the skills, strategies and equipment necessary to success. Sacred Heart strives to be wise stewards of technology that is utilized to enhance curriculum and expand the students’ global viewpoint of the world through the moral and ethical use of technology.

Keyboarding – 7th Grade

Keyboarding 7 is a year-long course that teaches and enforces the foundations of typing through the touch typing system. Students will complete online lessons at their own pace and challenge themselves to meet weekly goals. By the end of the course students should be proficient in typing, a skill that they will use throughout their high school years and beyond.

Computer Applications – 8th Grade

Computer Applications 8 is a yearlong course that introduces Microsoft Office PC software to the learner in order to teach them the computer skills of 21st Century learning. In this class students will be taught a skill of the day and then be allowed to work on individual projects at their own pace. Students will set goals weekly and work diligently to achieve those goals.  A variety of other technology based learning will take place throughout the semester.


As an introductory course to accounting and the larger field of business, this course introduces students to the foundational principles and skills of accounting. Through hands on practice, students explore accounting and the ways that it is used within the business world. Students will also explore closely connected fields of human resource, marketing, and management and its impact on accounting. In addition, students will explore business ethics as informed by the Catholic Tradition.

Personal Finance

This is a one-semester course where students will be introduced to the study of personal finance and will learn to apply their knowledge by developing an understanding of the concepts and terms that will help them make informed decisions on career choice, money and credit management and information on consumer rights and responsibilities.


Yearbook is an elective course that gives students experience in print media. This course works towards the completion and selling of a finished product, Sacred Heart School yearbook.  During school and after school (games and dances) students will be responsible for taking the appropriate pictures that are needed for the completion of the yearbook. Students are responsible for the proper care and handling of our yearbook cameras and computers. Students may have to spend some time after school working on layouts in order to get them completed by the deadline set by the publishing company.


Newspaper is an elective course that gives students experience in print media, more specifically, Journalism. Throughout the school year students will learn about what it takes to write and complete the high school newspaper, Echoes. Students will also learn about photojournalism and how pictures can add another element to an article. Students will be required to work after school hours (interviewing coaches or players), but this also depends on the subject of the article. Students are responsible for the proper care and handling of our yearbook cameras and computers.


Marketing is a one-semester course in which students will be introduced to the wide range of activities involved in Marketing. Students will develop an understanding and knowledge in the areas of market planning, product and service management, distribution, pricing, promotion, selling, information management, financing, and risk management.

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