Sacred Heart Parish: Overview & Mission

Sacred Heart Church is a 1200 family Roman Catholic Parish located in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.  East Grand Forks is located in northwest Minnesota along the border of North Dakota and the Red River of the North. Founded in 1893, Sacred Heart Church has built up the Catholic faith in the East Grand Forks area, especially by founding and supporting Sacred Heart School which has a daycare, pre-school, elementary, and high school program.

Sacred Heart School was founded in 1912 and is unique because it is a combined elementary and high school program supported by a single parish. While multiple parishes today support most of the American Catholic high schools, Sacred Heart has continued to be primarily supported by the parish, families, friends, and alumni. There are twenty-two Catholic High Schools in Minnesota and four in North Dakota. There are 7,799 Catholic Schools in the United States: of these 6,534 are elementary/middle schools, and 1,255 are secondary schools.

Sacred Heart Church Mission Statement

As members of the Sacred Heart Catholic Community, Of the Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota, We declare as our Mission Statement:

Through Christ Jesus, we are aware of the responsibility to form the whole person, encouraging our members to live life fully and conscientiously for the service of others.

With Christ Jesus, we nurture personal and communal faith-life as a caring and supporting community through quality celebrations, Catholic Christian education and fellowship.

In Christ Jesus, we urge our members to recognize and share their gifts, reaching within as well as outside themselves, striving to be effective witnesses in the community.

And, our members recognize the need for direction, service and communication, provided by the ministries of organization and administration.

Adopted by Parish Council, 20 February 1982 Revised, 24 February 1986


2015 Parish Self-Evaluation Results